Employment Claim Costs

Our costs are based on an hourly rate and unfortunately, we can offer no fixed fees for this area of law.

Our first initial appointment for 30 minutes is a free appointment where we can talk about your potential case.

Lynn Bevan is the employment solicitor and her hourly rate is £250 plus VAT . Our fees are reviewed every year in April. The next review will be April 2024.

If we need to instruct a Barrister on any complex cases or to represent clients at an employment tribunal, their fees will be on an hourly rate and will be subject to VAT. The Barrister’s hourly rate will depend on the experience of the barrister and the complexity of your case, but we will always discuss a suitable barrister for your case if that time comes.

Barristers fees, court fees and fees for obtaining records such as medical records will be charged for and invoices sent form themselves, these fees are known as disbursements. There will be no VAT on court fees for bringing the claim. VAT will be added to barristers’ fees and we will be able to inform you if VAT is included or not. Depending on your circumstances, we may need to obtain disclosure from a third party, such as medical records or hospital records disclosure to support your claim.

All costs will be discussed with you at the outset of your case. When working on the hourly rate the complexity of your case will very much depend on how many hours work is involved.

Before issuing any claim, we would enter into discussions with you regarding the ACAS early conciliation process, writing letters and assessing the merits of your claim.

Pre-claim work would be in the region of £1,500-£3,000 plus VAT.

Bringing a claim if pre claim negations are unsuccessful, including drafting the claim form, administering and looking into a defence, preparation of witness statements, representing you at any preliminary hearings, preparing for the final hearing and trial bundle and instructing a Barrister and preparing the brief for the Barrister would be in the region of £8,000 to £12,000 plus VAT.

Attending a tribunal would be on the hourly rate plus VAT as tribunal hearings could be anything from a one-day hearing to a four- or five-day hearing or even in excess of that.

Please note these costs are a general guidance for a simple to average case but any complex cases may go above these figures and we would always assess your situation at the outset and give you a further estimate of costs once we are familiar with your case.

A very complex case could potentially be in the region of £20,000 – £40,000 plus VAT.

As our costs will be on the hourly rate and these estimated costs are if your case proceeds to a final hearing at a tribunal but if your case settles at any stage throughout the process then you will only pay for those hourly rates pro rata up until the time that we settle.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of a potential employment claim, please book a free 30-minute appointment or contact us below.