Pre-nuptial or Post Nuptial Agreements

Getting married?

When you are making all the wedding arrangements, the last thing you would imagine is that the marriage just might not last and in a few short years you will separate.

Sadly not all marriages do last and so it may be advisable to ask our family law solicitors to put in place a pre-nuptial agreement before getting married to deal with what should happen in the event that the marriage fails.

Or already married?

If you are already married you could enter into a post-nuptial agreement.

It is possible to set out how you would wish to divide any assets and terms of a financial settlement in the event of divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.  This might be especially important where one person is bringing more assets to the marriage than the other and perhaps and would wish to retain them.

Persuasive evidence of nuptial agreements

Although nuptial agreements are not technically binding on the courts in this country they can provide persuasive evidence and cases in the higher courts have shown the courts to be willing to recognise nuptial agreements and to uphold them where they are shown to be fair.

What is certain is that it is better to have such an agreement than not to have one.

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