Settlement Agreements

Have you been given a settlement agreement from your employer?

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What is a Settlement Agreement?

Settlement agreements bring an employment relationship to an end.

The agreement will resolve most workplace problems. Employee or employer can suggest a settlement to end the working relationship. It’s agreed mutually by employer and employee.

The agreement will also settle any potential employment tribunal claim or any court proceedings.

Settlement agreements were previously known as ‘compromise agreements’.

Helping both employers and employees with settlement agreements.

Helping both employers and employees with settlement agreements.

Why Do You Need A Settlement Agreement?

You could get a settlement agreement as part of a redundancy situation, or as a result of a relationship breakdown between employer and employee.

An agreement could bring an end to a workplace dispute between employer and employee.

Or bring your employment to an end without a final dismissal. This could often follow a grievance or disciplinary proceedings.

Read Steve G’s Story – this a real client story

Steve found us on Google and asked us to help him with his settlement agreement.

The agreed document was drafted by his employer.

Steve had been working for his employer as an IT consultant for eight years.

Unfortunately he had long periods of absence due to a long-term medical condition. It worsened as he got older.

Despite attempts by his employer to support and encourage him, Steve was struggling to perform his duties.

He Was A Good Worker

He had been a good worker but his long-term absence caused problems in his department. After discussions with his manager, his employer said it was best for him to leave his employment.

They instantly dismissed him at that meeting.

Steve Was Upset

Steve was naturally upset but knew that he was not going to be able to work there again. But he had several potential claims he could bring against his employer for the way they had handled his absence and dismissal.

A settlement agreement will nullify any claims against the employer. With this in mind, Steve still managed to negotiate a good settlement agreement.

After discussing the terms with us and taking our independent legal advice, he accepted their offer.

We Helped Steve Get A One-off Lump Sum

Steve left the company with an agreed one-off lump sum payment. He is very happy and his employers have the reassurance that he will not bring any tribunal claims against them.

Top 8 Facts About Your Settlement Agreement

  1. The agreement must be entered into voluntarily and include terms that have been agreed between you and your employer.
  2. With a settlement agreement you will leave your employment on mutual terms and in most cases benefit from a lump sum payment.
  3. A settlement agreement is a legally binding document.
  4. You will normally be offered some form of financial payment compensation as part of the settlement.
  5. The agreement will also likely waive your rights to bring a claim in an employment tribunal or court.
  6. The settlement payment is often negotiated between employer and employee. But we regularly help when we see reasons for an enhanced settlement payment.
  7. It is standard in settlement agreements to take your own independent advice.
  8. Your employer will either pay for your legal fees or make a contribution.

Do you wish to terminate employment with a settlement agreement?

If you have a settlement agreement we are experts in this field and able to advise you before you enter into the agreement.

Call 0333 320 8600 or email us and one of our specialists will be happy to help. Or request a free consultation.

Settlement agreements are complex legal documents. It’s not been possible to cover every aspect of a settlement agreement here, but if you have a question please get in touch.