Cohabitation Law & Agreements

The terms ‘common law husband or wife’ do not exist at law. There is a popular misconception that if you have lived together for a number of years you gain the same or similar rights to couples who are married. This is not so.

If you are not married you could find yourself at a disadvantage compared to a married person especially in relation to financial matters and property rights.

Where parties are not married the law can be complex. It is important that you obtain the right advice from our Bristol family law solicitors as early as possible to secure your rights in an appropriate way.

We can provide that advice.

A Living together agreement (a cohabitation agreement) is likely to be used by flatmates or housemates who want to formalise their current and future financial arrangements relating to their shared accommodation. They may or may not be in a relationship together.

A Cohabitation agreement can be drawn up prior to the start of or at any time during cohabitation. This would best suit unmarried couples looking to agree financial and child arrangements, property or business assetts whilst living together and in case of a separation. There is less disruption if childcare and financial arrangements have been agreed prior to a potential separation.

Many couples now enter into Agreements setting out what financial arrangements should take place if their relationship breaks down. Such Agreements can give a degree of certainty particularly where parties have contributed towards the assets of the family. It may also allow one party to retain assets that belong to him or her.

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Cohabitation Definition

Cohabitation is an arrangement where two people who are not married live together in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis. “Cohabitation” usually refers to unmarried couples who live together without formally registering their relation as a marriage.

Cohabitation Synonyms – Other ways to describe Cohabitation

  • Conjugate
  • Couple
  • Mingle
  • Be roommates with
  • Have relations
  • Live with
  • Room together
  • Share address