Finance & Divorce

The financial issues that arise in a divorce, dissolution of a civil partnership or separation can be protracted and acrimonious. This need not be so.   Making decisions with the benefit of  legal advice can often pave the way to a swifter and more advantageous conclusion.

Your current circumstances are of life changing significance. It is essential that you have the best representation and advice, which our divorce solicitors at Bevan Evemy can offer you.


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Formal separation agreement

Upon separation you and your partner can make a formal separation agreement which will set out the decisions you have made about any dependent children, finances and other property.   Our divorce solicitors can help you formulate such an  agreement.

Many couples however decide to apply for divorce once they are sure their marriage cannot continue.

We Helped Ms H.S. from Yate, Bristol With Her Complex Divorce:

"I truly believe the successful conclusion of my matrimonial matters was down to Bevan Evemy Solicitors. To say my divorce was complex, and an up and down roller coaster is an understatement. The professional approach, along with the natural gentle calming nature made the situation a lot more bearable. Bevan Evemy’s expertise and knowledge throughout was outstanding, and they always explained complicated court procedures in laymen’s terms and was extremely supportive, nothing was too much trouble. They always went 'above and beyond'."

Common Divorce Questions Relating To Finance

Our expert divorce solicitors have answered some of the more common financial questions they’re asked.

Divorce financial agreement

There are certain financial claims that can arise upon divorce.  Frequently, it is possible to negotiate a financial agreement, and in cases of divorce or dissolution of civil partnership this agreement can be drafted into a consent order and submitted to the court, allowing the matter to be dealt with without the need for either of you to have to attend costly court proceedings.

Subject to the court approval, the order will then be binding. It is therefore vital that the terms of this order clearly state your agreement and protect you in the future.

Where an agreement is simply not possible, despite all efforts to negotiate or reach a settlement  an application would need to be made to court. Even after that we will continue to try to resolve the matters during the court process.   Many cases will resolve and settle by way of a subsequent agreement during this procedure.

Our divorce solicitors listen to our clients to understand their needs and tailor our advice for you as an individual.

Our family lawyers have considerable experience in the areas of law in which we specialise, offering a friendly down to earth service personalised to your needs.
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